Wednesday, December 31, 2008


(mom's house)

Christmas was amazing... we are soooooooooooooooooo blessed!!! Enjoy some pictures below.

The Brawners on Christmas Day 2008.

mom snugglin' dylan

dylan, mandy, me, and katie




The Brawners on Mt. Washington, 12/25/2008

WE ARE SO BLESSED!! Our baby shower at G&G's house.

My brother and his bride-to-be

bob, jonathan, michael, keith, ryan, adam,

amy,telcia, ryan, me, audrey, michelle,

jack, rowan, asher,

kevin, mandy, jen,

dylan, justin

katie, ethan, kasey

SEE YOU IN 2009!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jack's First Song!!

We let Jack listen to his first song the other night... we started looking up classical songs, and then we found something more fitting.

This was followed by The River ~ Garth Brooks, some U2, Patty Griffin, and the entire Ring the Bells CD... I think he loves music... at least he'll have good taste!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well... So much has happened the past few weeks! Where do I begin...

November 14-17th

KEITH WAS BAPTIZED! My family came into town on Friday and we spent the weekend window shopping, cooking, eating, and worshiping together. My dad and Robin got in Friday afternoon and even brought a few gifts for baby Jack. We went and looked at the Christmas decorations at Opryland Hotel after a great dinner at Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant in downtown Franklin. Then Jonathan and Telcia arrived early Saturday. We loaded up in the Jeep and gave everyone a tour of the area. We did some strolling/shopping in downtown Franklin after eating again at Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant... They have great dinners and we really wanted to try out their lunch. It was even better!! Saturday night was Keith's baptism. Suzi, Bobby, Cody, Wayne, and Susan all came down from Hendersonville for this moving event. Then afterwards we had a small 'birth'day party for Keith at the house. We celebrated his spiritual AND physical birth. Happy '33' my love!!

(Robin, Dad, Susan, Me (and Jack), Bobby, Wayne, Suzi, (front row) Cody, Keith, Jonathan's foot, Telcia)

November 21st

My friend Johanna was in KY from California visiting family, and decided to drive down and visit ME!! We ate dinner at Moe's on Friday night and then went out to see Ballet Magnificat! perform The Scarlet Cord. It was an amazing night... Neither of us had ever been to a ballet, and don't think we'll forget that night anytime soon. What an amazing message and BEAUTIFUL talent!! (click the picture for info!)

We had a great rest of the weekend; watched some movies, did some window shopping, and it was just great to hang out. I hadn't seen her in TWO YEARS!! How fun!

November 27th

Thanksgiving was awesome, and busy! Thursday we went up to Hendersonville and spent the day gorging on food cooked by Suzi and Kath. It was SOOOO good. We came home and crashed before leaving at 4:30am to head to Atlanta. We spent the weekend visiting with my sister Mandy, bro-in-law Kevin, nephew Dylan, bro Jonathan, sis-in-law-to-be Telcia, Dad and Robin. Whew! Lotsa family, that's something to be SO thankful for!!

(stopping to see the ducks on Thanksgiving in Hendersonville)

(Keith playing with his bday gift from the Goldbachs...a marshmellow shooter!)

(Whipped cream exploded!!)

(The girl's spending the afternoon wedding planning... only a few more weeks!)

(Chillin' with Dylan after an afternoon of kayaking)

December 4th

6 month checkup! Jack seems to be doing well! Growing big and strong and taking in EVERYTHING momma eats... So many things to be thankful for over these past few weeks. Thank you LORD!!