Friday, June 25, 2010


Yea, I'm back on a Top Chef kick... ALWAYS loved the show, but this time around I know someone competing! So, this is my show for the summer. I mean, what else is there to watch! (especially if you're like me and don't have cable.) SYTYCD is my guilty pleasure, but I only like to watch the dancing, I don't really care who wins.

So anyways, back to US! I mean, I guess that's what you guys want to hear about. And now that I write that out, and look at the title of my blog, I'm feeling a little self-absorbed. Who am I to think that everyone wants to hear about "my wonderful life"? I guess maybe that's why I haven't written anything in a while. Not that everything isn't wonderful, but I just don't feel like anything has been that SPECTACULAR to blog about. But I'll fill you in, none the less.

First and foremost, WE ARE HAVING A BOY! Another boy! :D Most of the people reading this probably already knew, but I felt the need to say it. Will Patrick Brawner is his name, and it shouldn't be a surprise, but I'm ready for him to BE HERE! You'd think I'd love that I have 3 more months to plan and get ready, but waiting has never been a strength of mine. I'd rather him just get here, and then I can figure it all out. We are TOOOOOO excited to be having another awesome boy (they are so fun!) and Jack is going to be an awesome big brother. He already loves kissing mommy's belly because "babeeee lllllaa" is in there.

Jack has become very VOCAL as of late. Not that he wasn't before, but he can kinda say words now and is adamant that we hear, listen, and DO what he is asking. Part of this is really fun, finally able to communicate and find out what makes the little guy tick, but the other part can be exhausting. He always has something to say/sing, and is rarely quiet. (not that he's not adorable) He has taken a huge liking to a few different things, and wants to do them ALL THE TIME. If he had 10 hands, he would do them all at once.

He LOVES "Wooodee", "Ba" and "layloolayloo" (Woody, Buzz, and Jessie the yodeling cowgirl, yodelehee-yodelehee) He loves to point them out wherever he sees them, and scream their names. Sometimes I don't know HOW he spots them, but he does. He does this with "melmo" too (Elmo), but often in his excitement says "mama" instead. This get some interesting looks at the store when a child is screaming "MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMAAAAA" and pointing at the ceiling. It's the Elmo balloons that are up in every store, everywhere, that really gets him.

He is fascinated with Thomas the train. His cousin Cody handed down his massive Thomas collection over Father's Day weekend, and Jack hasn't stopped playing with them yet. He knows a few of the trains by name, and carries them everywhere. Last night he actually took each train (he has probably 20+) and set them up one at a time, in line, on his shelf. He even made sure to carefully place them on their wheels, right side up. Towards the end he started running out of room and started stacking them, but none the less, he LOVES his "choo choo"s.

He's become quiet interested in coloring as well. He wants to do this ALL THE TIME. I mean, maybe it isn't the coloring. He really just likes to hold the crayon and make one line on each page. Either on the characters nose, or whatever is in the picture that he can recognize and call out. He has a Sesame Street coloring book full of Elmo, balls, fish, birds, all the things that he loves. He won't let the page stay open long enough for mom to color anything, so I just let him flip through it a million times, front to back, to add a few dozen lines each day. One amazing thing about it, he holds the crayons correctly. He did this on his own, and won't hold it any other way. Mind you, he holds one in each hand, but the correct way. This makes for some very pretty lines.

He also loves "shh" (fish). He loves to eat them, color them, visit them at the pet store. I'm really considering getting him a little goldfish for his room just because he loves them so much. I think he wishes he was one. He LOVES the water. It would probably be impossible to get him out of the water if he knew how to swim and didn't need us. His need for independence still dominates and after a while he will want to squirm away from us and get up on dry land where he can do his own moving around. In the baby pool, that's another story. There is no getting him out. There is also nothing keeping him from wanting to go under. He taunts and teases, and occasionally succumbs to currents in the baby pool, but never getting upset enough to stop. Can't wait to get him to the ocean and see how the little "shhh" likes the waves!

Oh, and for the family that's interested, Jack had his 15 month checkup this week. He is 32 inches tall, 22lbs, and is "one of the healthiest babies" that our doctor knows. Still never been sick (besides the one time 105 fever that lasted a day), and still no ear infections (even with his fish-like instincts). Our lil boy is growing up!!

So what else? Well, for me, not too much is new. I take my GD test next Wed. I'm PRAYING to pass. Even if I do pass, I have to take it again 2 weeks later "just in case". I'm a little worried I won't pass, because I've been craving sugar lately. I'm hoping this isn't the case though, because taking my blood levels 4 times a day was one of the most unenjoyable things I've ever had to do. Plus, I gave away my blood level tester thingy, and those strips are EXPENSIVE! My sciatica has also been acting up, but luckily I have a chiropractor this time around to stretch me out and help with the pain. I still love being pregnant, and am having no big issues. I have the ability to take naps in the afternoon this time around, and don't have to wear heels. Life is good.