Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jack's first month, in an EGG shell...

Jack at one month

Well, I figured that being at home 24/7 I'd really be blogging everyday, but I find myself at a loss for words lately and simply watching and soaking up every second as a new mother. As soon as I was cleared to get up and about (and actually a little before then), Keith and I have been taking Jack all around with us and really enjoying the beginnings of spring. (Besides the spring storms... In the past month we've been in and out of the closet at least 5 times, with our menagerie of pets, at all hours of the day/night taking cover from tornados. Luckily the one we believe we saw forming over our house skipped us, but sadly it hit a town nearby. That is one thing about TN that I'd glady live without.)

Jack has had numerous visitors to the house, and a few in house guests that stayed for a while! Gramma Seeber was the first visitor and stayed for an entire week. It was awesome to have her help as it was MUCH needed. Jack loved all the time he got with her, and I loved all the advice and support. That first 2 weeks were really tough and it was amazing to have her support through it.

Aunt Mandy also came and stayed for a few days. She brought her cooking expertise and made us food to last for days, LITTERALLY! We still have some of the amazing chicken soup she made in the freezer, and I just ate some of her fancy waffles this morning! We had a great visit with her and went on our first walk around the block in Jack's stroller, as well as taking him on his first public outing to Beef 'O' Brady's to watch the Kansas Basketball game. (Here we are in crimson and blue. ROCK CHALK!)

We then got to take Jack downtown for his first visit to Nashville. We spent an afternoon lunch at Centennial Park, and then went up to New Horizons to visit with some friends.
We took him for his second trip downtown when we went to the US National Soccer game. It was a night of 3's; Jack being three weeks old, and Jozy Altidore scoring a hat trick making it a 3-0 victory over Trinidad and Tobago. We took Bobby as a gift for his 13th birthday. It was an amazing night. Though Jack slept through the game, he did it in style as we made a last minute purchase and tried out our Baby Bjorn that day! We all wore red, white, and blue. GO USA! all decked out in red, white, and blue

Jack has also taken trips to Hendersonville to meet great gramma Kathy and to go to his first Big Bubba's Bash (Make A Wish softball tournament fundraiser).

Daddy and Jack at the ball field

We've taken him on numerous walks around the block, to a few stores, and even the mall. He went to church for the first time on Palm Sunday when Grampa Muretisch was in town.

He was awake during all the worship music, but fell asleep at the start of the sermon. Sorry Bill!! Uncle Jon and Aunt Telcia also came to stay and visit with Jack. We got to see them two weekends in a row when Jack took his first road trip down to Roswell, GA for Easter. Along with his uncle and aunt, he got to visit with Grampa Muretisch, RaRa, Nonna, Don, and the Wright family. Easter Sunday we visited Roswell Community Church, and this time was awake and happy the entire service! It wasn't till AFTER the service during picutres that he decided to scream. All in all he has been one happy baby! At his last Dr. appointment he weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz, and he's graduated to size 1 diapers. They are still kinda big on him, but the tiny ones don't hold enough, and this boy can eat! He's starting to really enjoy bath time now, and is smiling more and more. He knows our voices and follows us with his eyes. He was actually able to roll to his side at 2 weeks old, and is getting stronger and stronger with each day. We're sure this baby will be up and about in no time! We are still working on naptime during the day, he really only likes to nap when he's in mommy or daddy's arms. At least at night he sleeps good with no fussing at all! I have added some additional pictures to the Brawner Family photoalbum, if you're interested. This boy is just growing up too fast, but we are DEFINITELY savoring every minute!

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