Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow... I have to tell you, for the past week or so this has been heavy on my mind; babies, children, family. Let me first say, I didn't plan to blog about this. But it has been a recurring theme throughout the past week, and I just feel the need to say something.

I love being a mom... I love raising Jack. I look forward to see where God's will takes my life, and I hope it is a life with more children and more family! Keith has been talking about baby number 2 for some time now, and it has also really been on my heart lately. The question is WHEN? When is the right time for me, for us, for Jack...but more importantly, when is GOD's timing, and have we asked Him? Then at CBS (Community Bible Study) we have been studying our lineage. It is so interesting to see where we come from and how much we are all in God's perfect plan and design. He had our heritage so detailed and organized from the beginning, as well as He has planned it out into our future. My sister and I had conversations about dreams, and children, and adoption. My husband even shared an emotional video with me about a small child this week. It is OVER AND OVER that this theme keeps coming up. Well, tonight it is yet again brought full circle by our sovereign God. Nothing is chance, nothing is coincidence. It is amazing to live each day open to Him and allowing Him to just take it and move it to where it is to be.

So, something had brought me back to Katie Davis' blog this past week. I was so touched by this adoption story. I immediately wanted to share it with Keith. My timing was bad and he didn't have a chance to read it right when I mentioned it. Throughout this week I had read the entry a few times, emailed it to family, even told my sister about it and copy and pasted the text to her in an email since she is unable to open blogs up at work. Again, yesterday, I asked Keith if he had read it. We have been so busy, and he had a lot going on and didn't have a chance. We both decided on just spending some reading/blogging tonight. And about an hour into our own "digital" worlds, it came to me and I asked him again, "Have you read the Amazima blog yet?" He goes "Ok! I'll read it right now." So then, a few minutes later, he goes OH MY GOSH! I know them! That's Mandy's brother! You'll have to read about the Mayernicks or Katie's blog to understand, (and yes, there are links all over this page... *hint hint*) but here the adoption story is about Keith's childhood next door neighbor and his wife! He had known about this story through reconnecting with Mandy, the sister, who is also in the midst of an adoption from India. It's such a small world. We have been so touched and challenged by Katie's message, and even posted it all over our Project Disconnect blog and facebook page. And here, in the midst of it all, it comes full circle as Katie's close friend is married to Keith's childhood neighbor.

It is truly amazing how God intertwines our lives and brings us right to where he wants us to be. Keith contacted Mandy, and now it looks like we will get to meet Mandy and her new little daughter Mia who should be here in TN at Thanksgiving.

So THIS has been on my heart. Children, family, adoption, LOVE. I have that, I long for that, and in some way or another God will provide that. He is sovereign, He is Love.

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Girl - now you've really done it! I hopped over here to check you out (ha) and now I'm crying, as I read about the "full circle" story. My husband and I are supporters of Katie Davis and Amazima - she just blows me away. It all makes me ever more excited to see where our journey takes us. SO glad you found me so that I could find you!