Monday, September 20, 2010

still waiting!

So we're still waiting on Will. Looks like he may go full term after all! The tease last weekend didn't help, but I go in Wednesday to schedule his "birthday" and it looks like it will be in less than two weeks; that ain't too bad.

We were able to get a few pictures taken, which was awesome. I think it's fun for the kids to see what I looked like when they were still in my belly! Jennie Pyfferoen did our pictures, and she did a great job.

We can't wait to have our little baby in the pictures with us! Next up, Mandy and Dylan are coming to visit and help out this week. With Keith at work during the week, and me still needing to rest most of the time, this will be an awesome help. We're so lucky to have family willing to travel and help us! Jack is also super excited to spend some time with his cousin. Should be a fun week ahead!


Anonymous said...

how's the fun???

Shanna B said...

It was AWESOME! :) They love each other so much. I'm glad they're close in age (wish they were closer in location!)