Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's the little things...

The dell laptop I was using had seen better days.  The battery had died and the laptop became pretty stationary.  Doing graphic design with a track pad was also getting very old.  The shift key had been "removed" by my biggest little and SLOW didn't even begin to describe my work speed.  Keith surprised me one weekend and set me up with a beautiful workstation including a MacBook, large secondary monitor, and new software.  I was able to recreate some old graphic images and blew through my commissioned project like I had never lost anything.  Wow Mac, I'm a believer.  It just so happens that he was upgraded through his job, and gave me his iPad and Droid phone as well.  Lots to learn, and little time to use it all, but what a pleasant surprise.  :)  I've been thinking about expanding my graphic work and hopefully doing some more commissioned pieces, so this was really a gift.

the first new project I did was a first birthday invitation for my dear friend

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Trenicker said...

I love it! That card is super cute! The mac book station, ipad and phone are awesome too, kudos to your man.