Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keith and I had a busy morning. We went to meet with a pediatrician and also had our 32 week checkup. Things went well with both. It’s hard to know with a pediatrician exactly what you want (since we’ve never had to find one before) but this lady seemed very nice. We’re still deciding though…

Our checkup appointment ran over a bit as we started asking a bunch of questions that we now have since we’ve started with our Bradley classes. She measured my belly and said that it was measuring at about 35 weeks yet I’m just under 33. This was a surprise because 2 weeks ago my belly was right on track. The gestational diabetes can cause the baby to be large, and even though my numbers have looked really good, my belly was still measuring a little big. Keith and I already knew that we would be having 2 more ultrasounds. Our first will be on Feb. 3rd, and will determine the size of Jack. We will have another at 38 weeks. This can have an effect on the delivery. Our doctor recommends that depending on Jack’s size, he be delivered BY March 15th (no later, which would mean if he didn’t come on his own I would be induced) and if his size is larger than 9.5 lbs that I have a c-section. This is her recommendation to make sure that Jack and I are both healthy after he is born. Again, this is all depending on how the ultrasounds read. Our doctor is very supportive of natural birth, especially for first time deliveries and is hoping that this will be the way it goes for us. My job is to continue to watch my diet (and blood sugar levels) and exercise. I have been already doing these things, so that means that as we all know, the rest is in God’s hands!

It gets exciting as time gets closer to when Jack will be here with us! Please pray for a smooth delivery, and that we can have the option to chose the delivery we really want. (Also that I will relax about all of this) This has definitely been an adventure so far and from what I hear, IT’S JUST BEGINNING!!

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