Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BLESSINGS! (and other random thoughts)

Well, Keith and I did it! We FINALLY bought a mattress! Yet to be delivered, on Saturday we purchased a beautiful, Ther-a-pedic mattress! It should be here on Friday, that's only 3 more days of sleeping in pain! We have needed this for YEARS and are so happy that the day has finally come. We also had our David Arms print custom framed and it came in this week. It is stunning! If you haven't heard of David Arms, you need to check him out. He's an amazing artist.

The Greater Story - David Arms

Saturday night was Jack's first time to be in the nursery at church. I kinda chuckled when Keith told me it would be hard, but MAN IT WAS SO HARD! I almost got teary, and had so much trouble concentrating on the service. They matched his name with a code when we checked him in. If this code pops up on the screens during service, it means that there is a problem. Well, let me tell you... I could not keep my eyes off of the screens. I even had trouble during prayers keeping my eyes closed. After the service was over, Keith and I peeked in through the window at Jack before picking him up. He was just smiling and playing... completely content. Hah... It's funny how we were so anxious, yet he didn't even notice the difference!

I also had an interview at church this week to do some part time childcare during the fall and spring months. They have had a lot of people interested in this, but if I have the opportunity I think I'm really going to enjoy it. I will get to meet so many other people and moms, and it will be great just to get out of the house once in a while. I hope they consider me, because I would really love to do it.

Keith and I are also planning on doing CBS this fall.; Community Bible Study. It is a non-denominational bible study. My dad and stepmom do this down in Atlanta, and have just raved at how awesome it is. We also are hoping to get together with a few neighbors we know, to get to know them even better! How awesome to be able to incorporate some sort of bible study with them too! Through I'm extrememly busy being a "mom", I want to use any free times that I have to follow what my true desire is; to know God more and live an obedient life glorifying Him. I want to really dig into the Word and get out into the community and join together with other believers.

My "meal plan" has also been working out. We have had some great meals the last few days. Pork Sirloins, Beef Enchiladas, Tomato and bacon marinated chicken... My husband was right in suggesting that we plan this out and food shop accordingly. We've had enough for what we want, need, and are even going to hopefully share some by having some neighbors over for dinner. We were also able to help out Grace Works who recently had a food drive at a local Kroger. It was so neat because they gave us a list of needs at the door, and we got to go shopping for the full purpose of helping those in our community that are less fortunate. And on top of this, everyone in the store that we saw had those lists, and were activlely using them! You could really tell which things would need restocked after this food drive. It was awesome to see empty shelves, and know that so many people would be blessed with this food.

I love working at home, as I expected, but it has really opened me up to new creative ideas and the ability to expand on the ideas I have. I have completely redesigned and organized our bathroom, entertainment area, part of our garage... and so much more to come. It is awesome what a little time and reorganization can do. I feel like I'm living in a different place! We are continually blessed, and knowing we have made the right decision for our family. Thank you LORD!!

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