Monday, January 25, 2010

New Year, New Layout, New Post

Last year at this time I was just about to *POP*(inside and out).  So much excitement with my little man on his way!!  This year, I start 2010 as a stay at home mom and a "4 steps" walking 10 month old!  It is amazing how last year has gone quickly, but also memorably as each day was a new milestone in Jack's life and mine as a mother.  So many blessings this past year!  From the birth of an eternal soul, to the outright vanishing of a deadly disease, the amazing growth that I've experienced in my Faith, music restored, LOVE beyond imaginaion... Wow, so much the Lord has poured out on me!  As far as a better year, I don't think I've had one!  It's really hard to resolve to anything greater in 2010, but I will say that my hope is to be more intentional with my words and daily actions, and to read and grow closer to my Savior.  This is always a prayer for me, as my faith is weak in these areas.  (I really tend to lean on what my simple little mind can muster up to say or do, instead of really waiting and praying on what I know He wants me to say or do...)

I always hope to post more blogs, and updates, and will continue to try and acomplish that.  This year is already looking to be full of creativity, business, love, growth, and of course JOY! 

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Mandy said...

okay, so i LOOOOOOOOVE your new layout!!! it's so awesome - seriously, better than i imagined it would be when you described it (and i imagined something pretty cool) so help a sis out! my blog is so LAME! love you girl - enjoy the SNOW!