Monday, August 31, 2009

So, I'm sure you are all busy and back to the grind this monday (as I should be). But I just wanted to first off tell you what an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING night it was last night! Todd was great, and it was incredible to see him. You'd truly be surprised, if you didn't already know it, that he has cancer. He has put on some healthy weight, and he has all of his hair! haha. I've played with him numerous times, and listened to his songs in all sorts of settings, but this was the first "concert" that I truly saw him perform. It was great to see him stand behind his guitar, and listen to the stories and biblical messages behind each song. Also, he threw in some great poetry he has written, and quotes from others, and I have to say it was all moving, funny, soothing, inspiring... just everything that I hadn't ever gotten to experience with him before. I hope someday all of you have a chance to see him perform. Nothing is impossible, right? (maybe a concert of his will make it onto youtube! haha)

Second, I wanted to let you know that my amazing writer of a husband has started a new blog. I have high hopes for this one (as the last kinda crashed and burned). He has been talking about trying to get back into writing, and holpefully be able to share this time with a local paper or magazine of some sort. He is wanting to write about charitable opportunities around, and ways of serving. This is on his heart (the serving part) about 150% of each day. It's all he talks about, lives, breathes... it's awesome! He has such a servants heart. I was just typing "please pray that God will lead us" and then I remembered what Lloyd was teaching us on Sunday. It is silly to pray for the inevitable. That is why the Holy Spirit DOES, he LEADS... so instead of praying for that, I pray that we are submitted to follow in that lead, and take the first step to DO what we are called to do. Then the fruits will be produced and the ministry can begin.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! :) Here are some recent pictures of my BEAUTIFUL son!! He is really starting to sit up now, which makes photos so much fun!! LOVE YOU ALL!

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