Monday, August 3, 2009


WE DID IT!! We had a successful first yardsale! We got rid of a TON of stuff, and actually made some CA$H!! (I won't say how much, but I will say it was in the hundreds!!) We feel blessed that God gave us BEAUTIFUL weather, and lots of traffic! I will say that the success of the sale was the least of the day's blessings. God taught me patience, love, and humility. And allowed us to even give some of our things away to help others!

One of the neatest things that happened that Saturday, happened to our neighbor Todd. He is finishing up electrician school, and with 20 days remaining, his old truck (which he has been trying to sell for months) blew the transmission on Friday night. Keith was on his way out to get some change and post a Yard Sale sign, and was able to help Todd tow his truck home. Todd tried to stay optimistic as he knew a girl who lives nearby that could drive him to school for the remaining days, but he was confessing to Keith how broke he was and how he didn't know how much more money he wanted to dump into his truck. Well, Saturday came along, and though he had his eye on a few things in our sale, he failed to get up early to come out for the sale. By the time he came outside, quite a few people had already been through our "junk". He part jokingly made a comment "Man, I should just put a sign up on my truck '$1000.00 cash, today only!'. " Keith and I laughed, and I mentioned I had one piece of posterboard left in the house. (it was pink, but it was at least BRIGHT!) We all agreed he should give it a shot. Soon enough, all of our "shoppers" were over at HIS truck! There were quite a few checking it out, and within the hour HE SOLD IT!! He was a little sad at first, being that it was his father's truck who had passed 9 years ago, but it was such a blessing that he finally sold it and can now buy something more dependable and less gas milage! We are thankful for a great day!

Sunday evening we got together with some friends in Lebanon. My dear friend Roland and some of his co-workers and their kids all cooked out and played some music. Jack LOVED this, and started DANCING! (bouncing)... and this is where it all began...

We got home last night and I put Jack in his saucer and he was JUMPING! Up, down, up, down, just going crazy, and smiling like crazy! He went down at 8:30 and didn't wake up till 8am... and I'll tell you, he's like a different child today! I think he had a growth spurt overnight or something, because he is so new and different today! He has been rolling over onto his belly throughout the night, and this morning, like usual, I found him on his belly, but he actually ROLLED TO HIS BACK to give me a big morning smile! He then proceded to bounce all morning, and talk, and is really really close to sitting! No more baby! He's at least so happy, smiling more than I've ever seen... He grabs for things right out of our hands now. He grabs for daddy's drink, and grabs for fruit from me. No solids yet, but soon enough little man! We have been giving him rice cereal for breakfast and dinner, and he loves it! I can't believe he is growing up... Today he is 5 months old. wow...

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