Friday, May 27, 2011

"ME" time...

I guess since these boys came from "me", it would appear I get a lot of "me" time these days... Truth be told, "me" time should be about Shanna, and "Shanna time" doesn't really exist.  There should also be "me and Keith" time, which is also very lacking.  So, in saying that, I have been taking the time to dream and slowly take given opportunities to try and plan for this so called "time".

Things I want to, and WILL do:

  • Horseback Riding.  It has been WAY too long, and I love it WAY too much.  (it hasn't helped that every other second I'm pregnant, and I think it is frowned upon to do this whilst carrying a wee one)
  • MUSIC.  Shanna is a musician?  Yea, I almost forgot myself.  But the time. is. now.
  • Socializing.  I am a social butterfly. Always been one, always will be.  I need my fix.  Girl dates? Bookin' em as I type.
  • DATE. I want to date. I want to date my husband. I want to date my husband at least once a month.  And I will do this.
  • Learn.  I want to learn, grow, mature in my faith.  I want to take a class, engage in a study, be IN my Father's Word.  One opportunity may be in the fall (when I have dependable childcare), but I've already got a class in mind.  And it's for couples.  Look out, I'm gittin' two birds with one stone.
  • One more is a "bucket list" type wish that is actually going to come true for me.  I decided to start drama on my facebook page, and hold out the announcement until it actually happens.  I have many people out there curious about what this may be.  I just got butterflies, again, by simply typing about it.
The best part about all of these "dreams" (funny the things we dream before kids, and the things we do before kids that become dreams after) is that God has been laying them all out there, RIGHT in front of my nose.  Horseback riding? Done, my friend has two horses in need of exercise.  I'm hoping to make this a Monday night "thing" all summer.  Music? Stay tuned to hear, but I have 2 performance opportunities already waiting, and one possible worship gig that would mean the MOST to me out of all 3.  I've booked a few girl dates, maybe even starting down a business venture to help us knock out some debt and get me some adult mental stimulation once in a while.  Stay tuned on that one...  Dates? Working on that for sure, but to start we're signed up to do a couples bootcamp workout starting at the end of June, and then hoping to take a class together this fall.  All that to say, I WILL take time away from cleaning up pee and boo-boo prevention.  I love my day job, and wouldn't change a thing, but I'm excited about making a few changes to the daily grind. 


Bonnie and Troy said...

sounds good. I was going to suggest that if you're real creative you can tick several of your dreams off your list at the same time.

Rachel@AllergenFreePlease said...

Great stuff! Boot camp is going to be awesome!!! Riding sounds amazing!!!! I love new adventures!

Mandy said...

wow... how i long to be in your shoes! the ones that have a minute to think about and type out some "me" activities! but i'm loving this list of yours and maybe you could do the Bible study thing, but then save 45 min for the local starbucks to chat about what you learned! that would really be some quality "us" time! with i was there to babysit AND have girltime... =( maybe one day we'll live in the same city. that might be on my bucket list =)

Shanna B said...

I'm just seeing all these comments! Thank you friends and sisters for your feedback! :) Mandy, the time will come when the kiddos will take a simultaneous nap (even if it's only for an hour), and then you can start dreaming about what you wish you had more than an hour to do. Great idea on the coffee chat! I've been dying to get out ANYWHERE with keith.

Trenicker said...

Yes! that all sounds great. kid nap time is a wonderful dream time and me time. enjoy checking things off your list!

heartland farmhouse said...

I saw you over at FPFG & just couldn't resist!

Happy 30th Birthday!!!

God Bless You!


Shanna B said...

Nice to meet you Rebecca!