Monday, September 22, 2008

15 weeks, 18 people, 6 blue chairs, and 1 pair of the cutest shoes ever!!

Well, I'm in my 15th week... WOW! I can't believe it! I'm so excited! Yes, there is a belly picture below. I'm going to try to take a picture at the start of every new week on Sunday before church. (I've made a "belly album".) I was so excited that I fit into my courderoys... "Fit into your courderoys?" you say... YES THAT IS RIGHT, THOUGH MY BELLY IS GROWING I WAS ABLE TO FIT INTO MY OLD CLOTHES!! "How is this?" you ask... Well, if you notice the orange fabric under my green shirt... Momma B was creative this weekend! I cut an old tube top in half and hemmed one end; using this as a band so that I can wear my old pants, just unzipped and unbuttoned. It was awesome! (Felt a little weird at first, but good all in all). I need to buy me a bella band, but I thought this was a good improv version. I look forward to this kind of thing for my postpartum belly too!Keith and I went to our first YARD sale this weekend! It was really awesome... We knew we were having the community group over on Sunday and were afraid that we wouldn't have enough seating. We met a sweet family that just moved here from Wisconsin. They had moved here from a 150 year old farm house and had lots of extra furniture in that style that they were getting rid of. (Mom - you should have seen their old rusty iron bed frame.. BEAUTIFUL!) Keith and I aren't really the 'old farm house style' kind of couple, but WE NEEDING SEATING, so we didn't care! They had 6 chairs to offer at $5 a piece. The mother had painted them bright blue, and stated that she didn't really like how they turned out, but never did anything else with them. She assured us that they had been 'gorilla glued' and had outlasted 5 kids, so they were very sturdy. This sounded good to us! They really have some sort of charm about them, and were comfortable, so we bought them, ALL 6 bright blue chairs! haha... they rock. (notice Thelma likes them too)

We also made a few more purchases; bought a couple fall smelling candles, and some candle holders, and THE cutest pair of shoes I had ever seen.
We obviously don't know the sex of our baby yet, but when I saw these I just couldn't pass them up. $3 Childrens Place cowgirl boots! They are for age 12-18 months... so it may be a while before they can be used, but they were so cute, at least to decorate the room until they can be worn. AWWWWW!!!

Any and all baby stuff that we've been collecting has made its way into the (soon to be) 'baby room'. That couch you see was a Goodwill bargain for $50! The day we purchased that couch, as soon as we got it into the house, we both sat on it and called our whole family announcing our pregnancy. Great couch and great memory. We are thinking we like these vintage like colors for the nursery. Mom had sent us some vintage Winnie the Pooh baby stuff, and we may do our nursery in that theme.

Community group on Sunday was just awesome! We had a cookout, and 18 people ended showing up! This included a bunch of kids and one tiny Emmeline (6 months old). She's precious. The cats stayed in the utility room hiding behind the washing machine (refer to our home video to see our scaredy cats in action), and Springer was thrilled with all the attention. You may see some crazy pictures up on Julie's page. Everyone was noticing my new belly... and there was a funny one of Keith and I both sticking out our bellys (after stuffing our faces with all the amazing food!). It was funny... All in all it was a productive and busy weekend and we were both really happy when it was time to sleep last night.

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Anonymous said...'re quicker at posting than i am! and you do all your cool links and pics and video...good grief...and you sing, write songs and sew belly bands too! so talented. :D
thanks for hostessing last night. give me a bit to post my's not naptime yet. haha.