Tuesday, October 7, 2008

17 Weeks... and growing...

Well, it's been a few days since I've posted! SOOOO much has been going on and the weeks are just flying by! I have some belly pictures to post, and will hopefully do that sometime this week.

I have gotten myself booked up with classes and extra activities for my evenings. Last week and this week I have been working backstage for SHAC (the Spring Hill Arts Center). They are putting on the show "Greater Tuna" opening this friday, and continuing for the next 3 weekends.

It's really fun! At first I was a little hestitant at what my job role would be, and if I could handle it, but I've really been enjoying being a "thespian" again!

Second, I've started taking a coupon class. This class is awesome! It is called Faithful and Frugal and is based on Proverbs 31. It is teaching me how to save money on groceries, and of course anytime money is saved, it becomes more money to GIVE AWAY! Keith and I are super excited to continue working towards financial peace and being put into a position to give more. Last night was our first night trying this whole coupon thing and we saved $36.00 on $80.00 worth of groceries! That's almost 50%! We were thrilled!!

As far as my baby is coming, he/she is doing wonderful! Baby B is the size of an onion this week. We were at the doctor last Thursday and got to hear the precious 157 bmp heart just beating away. It was funny because the doctor had a bit of trouble finding the heartbeat, and when she found it, suddenly the baby would move to the other side of my tummy and she had to look again! It's so neat to know there is a little baby in there moving around and all! My mom is hoping that it is as active as I was in her belly... She thinks it will be funny for my baby to do somersalts and cartwheels in my belly as I did in hers... I can't say I find that as funny..haha

We find out the sex of our baby on November 4th! That's the same day that we will vote for the next president of the United States! It will be a busy and exciting day for us, and I may just need to take off the whole day at work... haha, we'll see!

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Outside the Box Primitives said...

HAHAHAHA...yep I did wish that on my daughter. She started jumping up and down at 11wks gestation, and never did stop. Sleeping was a rare occurence during my carrying shanna around...she was born screaming, I asked if she could be put back, Doc said "no", sooooooo glad I didn't, she is my sunshine!!I also wish that on my baby girl..that her baby will be the sunshine of her life.
I love you baby, love, mom