Thursday, November 13, 2008

Deals and Cravings...

So I have yet to mention our latest "baby stuff" deal! Keith and I purchased a brand new glider and ottoman set from a lady we met off of craigslist. She had noticed a small defect in the back of the seat cushion, and Target agreed to replace her chair but did not ask for the damaged one in return! She had not even set up the chair, it was still in the box! So she decided to sell it on craigslist for 40% off of the original cost. cHA-cHinG! It is a beautiful chair and an easy decision for us. Keith and I both got to try out her replacement chair, and she even had a Boppy that I could try out and make sure that the chair was roomy enough for me and Jack. She had the most adorable 3 month old... so much personality!! She also sold me 3 maternity tops for a real cheap price... yet another blessing!

When Keith and I got home we immediately set the chair up, and in trying it out...

Keith FELL ASLEEP!! Yes, I couldn't believe it... He was in the chair maybe 5 minutes and he was O-U-T! I couldn't help but take a picture... I have a feeling that this will be a common occurrence, for both of us, in the next few months.

Last night I made a really good 'Shortcut Chicken Cordon Blue' that was served over egg noodles. It was quick, easy, and GOOD! But after dinner I decided I wanted something sweet. I pulled out the vanilla ice cream, and in reaching in the cabinet for some peanuts to sprinkle on top I saw something that looked SO appetizing!! There were some chips in there! Sour Cream and Onion!! If you know me, then you know love chips... any kind; chips and salsa, chips and dip, chips chips chips... So of course I had to pull them out and eat a few before eating my ice cream... The thought of this make Keith quite queasy.. What's wrong with Sourcream chips and Icecream?? It tasted good to me!!

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