Wednesday, November 5, 2008


TO GLORIFY GOD! That's is the "why" in "why we exist". Yesterday was an amazing day, and besides the news of our son, Keith and I had a wonderful evening of fellowship and "refreshment" as we met with Gramma S. online for the first of our "Tuesday Night Studies." Keith and I have been wanting to find time during the week to be refreshed and re-inspired as we are every Sunday morning. Keith asked my mom to join us in an online video/audio conference as we watch the previous Sunday messages and then discuss them. Last night was our first try, and besides some small technical difficulties, it ended up being really fun!! We actually decided to start at the beginning of the current series "Dangerous Ideas: that changed the world". The first comment made was "Dangerous Ideas! Sounds just like Obama!" I have to say that in a way there was some truth to that, but I took something different from the message this time around, as God spoke to me and comforted me throughout the events that followed later in the evening.

The message was about our purpose; to Glorify GOD. God has provided us EVERYTHING we need to glorify Him. The moment we are born we have what we need. We don't need to be anywhere financially, emotionally, or physically. We simply have to believe in Him. That is what brings him Glory! He doesn't ask anything else but our belief! Wow, to think that I am HIS inheritance AS IS! Just knowing that He values me as His inheritance makes me want to work and work to glorify Him, but to then know that I don't even have to work; just believe!

After the election last night, I can't say that I was that excited. I probably said a few things during the acceptance speech and made a few comments about the others there cheering as if it was a sporting event. But then I realized that there IS excitement in what has taken place! Throughout my life I have found the most exciting moments are when I put full faith in Christ to take care of my day. Just as I always think I have things figured out and have them my way, God will flip things around and they will turn out even better to His glory! As I think about the election, I know that God has planned this for our country at this moment. Whether I think it's the right choice or not, God has it all under control. And if the "why" of my existance is to glorify Him by BELIEVING, then that is all I want to do! Believe that He is taking care of me, taking care of our country, and that He will flip things around so that they will turn out even better to His glory! I have heard comments about "My vote doesn't matter, so I'm not voting anymore..." but what fools are we to think our vote ever mattered in the first place? I vote to show how I care and because it is my responsibility to be a part of this nation. But to think that little 'ole ME has any effect on ANYTHING is just foolish. GOD knew the results of this election before the beginning of time. As well, He knew all of the evil kings that would rule throughout the Bible and did they lead to destruction in some cases? SURE! But in the end is it all for good, and for His Glory? OF COURSE!!

So I'm not scared, I will glorify God by believeing and trusting in Him. Knowing that He has our country right where He wants it, and as His child I am safe in His arms. This is the fun part, waiting to see what will happen next. Knowing it's NOT in MY control. Thank you LORD for a wonderful day yesterday, and a new challenge to love and accept Your choices during my lifetime.

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keith brawner said...

I love you! And you know I totally agree. Very well said.