Thursday, November 6, 2008

Meek Update!

I got an update on Meek today! I miss that little guy... I'm so glad he is so happy! (and as Keith pointed out, he looks as ornery as ever!)

Hi! How are you?Meek is doing absolutely wonderful...he's really coming around to the kids. He gets out of his cage everyday and runs around the classroom (and sometimes into the hallway, but he turns around immediately and comes back into the room..haha) in his ball. The kids love him and he lets them pet him and they LOVE to feed him from their hand. They are so good to him and always make sure he's taken care of. :) I am attaching a few pics of him that I have on this computer at home and hopefully will be able to send you more later. Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for keeping in touch and checking on him...again anytime you guys want anything in order to stay updated on him let me know. Thanks,Ashley

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