Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life, now that I'm Pregnant!!

It really is amazing how different I feel. To go in yesterday so unsure, and then to see the actual baby that is moving inside of ME; I actually FEEL pregnant now. I don't feel the baby or anything, but seeing is believing sometimes.

I feel more nauseated today than normal. I think it is the prenatal vitamin samples that I got at the Dr.'s yesterday. They turn my pee neon yellow. haha... I'm also trying to be careful when I used the word nauseated (since I've been using it so much). I read something that makes a lot of sense!
Causing nausea; sickening
To be feeling, or having been caused to feel nausea.

So, next time you are tempted to say "I feel nauseous", understand that you are saying "I feel that I make other people sick", or basically "I feel nauseating".

I can easily say that chicken salad croissants and cheese chunks are nauseous... but I truly just feel nauseated. (I will probably go a year without eating anything that was on the menu at our reception... yuck, we lived on it for a month!)

So, back to Baby B. Wow... I feel like I'm wishing this thing away because I just want 17 weeks to be here so bad! I want to be able to find out the sex of this little baby so I can start planning for its arrival. Oh man, so much to do! Keith and I wonder if paint fumes will be bad for me, we have so much painting to do. Oh my goodness... I hope I get my energy back soon. We were so thrilled that we're 2 weeks farther than we thought!! 2 weeks closer to energy and appetite...

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