Monday, August 18, 2008

Outer Space, Sun, and a lightning Bolt

Well, this weekend was fun. I spent a little too much time on the couch I think, but like Keith keeps telling me, 'YOU'RE CREATING SOMETHING, YOU'RE NOT BEING LAZY!
I got to watch most of the Olympics, at least the ones I could stay awake for. I have to say there are some amazing athletes competing this year. Phelps, of course, and this 21 year old Jamaican runner Usain Bolt. GEEEZ.... they are both so fast! Another person I find amazingly inspiring is Dara Torres. Wow, at 41, with a 2 year old, she wins 3 silver medals. (two that were I so close to being Gold!) I hope at 41 I can be in that kind of shape... heck, I hope at 28 with a 2 year old I can be in that kind of shape. It is so inspiring to watch all these athletes, young and old!

Sunday night Keith and I went to a movie with our friends Rich and Robin. We all decided on WALL-E, and what a great choice! There were a few things in this movie that were a little disturbing... The thought of the human race getting so lazy that they lose bone structure and basically become big blobs that can't walk or function. There is one part where the ship tilts and all of the humans roll because they are too fat to move. Gross... Oh, and WALL-E has a friend that's a cockroach. I didn't quite warm up to that either...he lives inside a 700 year old Twinkie, yuck.

It was fun though to get out. I had to pee during most of the movie, but I'm at the stage where I get the urge but can still hold it. I assume that won't last forever. In talking with my friend Robin, I've found out some interesting facts about pregnancy! Her and Rich are trying for one right now. I hope she gets pregnant soon, so we can be preggers together! She told me that the amount of energy put into creating this kid in the first trimester is the same amount it would take to climb a mountain 24 hours a day. WOW, NO WONDER I'M SO TIRED! I couldn't believe that! I do feel like I'm climbing mountains, but my body has nothing to show for it... Secondly, she told me that the rate the baby grows in the first trimester is amazing. If the baby continued to grow at this rate for the entire 9 months, instead of just 3, than by the time 9 months was over the baby would be the size of the SUN! WOW!! From cell, to 12 weeks, it is growing exponentially, and if it kept at the pace, it would be enormous. I mean, the sun? That's HUGE!!!

I thought that was pretty cool...

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